Travel Advisory Update

Sheriff Timothy Luce is issuing a no unnecessary travel Advisory in Seneca County. It is recommended that citizens do not engage in unnecessary travel. Roads in Seneca County are open but are snow covered and slipper. Citizens are advised to drive slowly and allow extra time to travel if need be. Deputies are continuing to monitor the roadways and check for stranded motorists off the road or in the ditch. This no unnecessary travel advisory will remain in place until 9:00 A.M. Saturday 2/8/2020.

Also See the attached explanation of Seneca County Travel orders.

Seneca County Emergency Travel Restrictions

The first two restrictions can be issued by the County Sheriff or Emergency Management Director to warn the public of hazardous road conditions. (1) Travel Advisory; caution is advised since hazardous conditions could be encountered. (2) No Unnecessary Travel; Hazardous driving conditions exist and o unnecessary travel is recommended. This restriction is not mandatory and is left to the traveling public to decide their comfort zone on the roadways, however, if it is essential to travel, do so with caution in considering the changing weather conditions. The next two can be enacted by the following. The Sheriff may close the roads by declaring a State of Special Emergency under General Municipal Law (209-F), or the Chairman of the legislative board declares a State Of Emergency under Executive Law Article 2B when conditions are so hazardous they could threaten life and/ or property. (3) Road closed Except for Essential Travel; travel is limited to medical personnel, Fire, Law Enforcement, Emergency services and personnel essential to the emergency and those on their way to and from performing essential acts associated with the preservation of life and/or property. (4) Roads Closed Except for Emergency Travel; Travel is limited to emergency vehicles or vehicles on their way to and from performing emergency acts associated with the preservation of life and/or property.