Travel Advisory

Sheriff W. Timothy Luce has issued a Travel Advisory. This travel advisory is issued as a result of the National Weather Service’s Hazardous Weather forecast for Seneca County.
This Travel Advisory is in effect from Friday, December 23rd through Saturday, December 24th. This advisory does not restrict travel. It is, however, a warning to motorists that hazardous driving conditions may exist. Law enforcement will be monitoring the road conditions throughout this period for changes.
Expect wind gusts of between 35 – 45 MPH starting this evening with rain. Expect artic cold, with temperatures dropping into the teens making subzero wind chill Friday early afternoon. With these conditions expect the roads to be slippery and possible power outages in the area.
For the safety of all residents, the general public is encouraged to consider the need to be on the roads during these times and to use extreme caution while traveling in and around Seneca County.