Traffic Safety Initiative

Seneca County Sheriff Timothy J. Thompson, Jr. has announced a new Traffic Safety Initiative that will begin immediately. Sheriff’s Deputies will be increasing their patrol presence in areas of Seneca County where there have been citizen complaints of aggressive driving and speeding vehicles. Sheriff’s Deputies will be monitoring these areas and will be addressing the issues through traffic enforcement and education.

This traffic safety initiative also aligns with some of the most dangerous days of driving, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Statistically, these 100 days have high rates of serious accidents.

Sheriff Thompson stated, “We receive traffic complaints from the public on an almost daily basis and it is often difficult for our patrols to spend time addressing those issues because they are called away to a police call for service. With this new initiative, we will be dedicating patrols strictly to these traffic issues. I sympathize with the community and acknowledge the quality of life issues that exist with reckless and unsafe driving in our neighborhoods. We will hopefully address some of these issues moving forward.”