Sheriff Tim Luce on COVID-19

Sheriff Luce Announcement to Seneca County Citizens on COVID-19

As this situation unfolds it is important not to give in to rumors, unsubstantiated reports and fake news. The Sheriff is in daily contact with the Health Department and other County Officials to keep up on developments. Seneca County is on top of the situation and public officials are taking all reasonable precautions. A great way for citizens to keep up on the situation is to download the Seneca County Sheriff’s App at The App is constantly updating COVID-19 info. Local news media and the CDC website are also a reliable sources of updated information

Many measures have been taken in all Sheriff’s Office divisions to minimize exposure. For the duration of the COVID-19 situations the public can expect the following from the Sheriff’s Office:

1. There will be no reduction of emergency services and emergency responses to complaints.

2. Officers will be making enhanced use of personal protection gear such as facemasks, gloves, and other barrier protection

3. Non-emergency complaints will be handled by phone when possible.

4. Officers will to meet complainants outside of their homes when possible and appropriate.

5. Jail visitation is suspended. Inmates will be allowed a quantity of free electronic communications with family and loved ones.

6. Non-essential divisions such as Records, Pistol Permits and Civil are temporarily closed. Non-essential personnel have been furloughed and are working from home when possible.

7. The Civil Office will continue to handle emergency matters such as serving Orders of Protections and Custody Orders. Civil work mailed in will be handled. Civil Sgt David Smith is available for messaging at or 315-539-1706

Sheriff Luce stated that fear and panic are the biggest challenges we face. When people are scared they can act irrationally. The Sheriff is urging all citizens to stay calm and use common sense precautions during this situation. It is important to remember that sickness like the cold and flu routinely happen and do not necessarily indicate a COVID-19 infection. Citizens should follow the advice of their medical providers and keep up on reputable news reports of the COVID-19 situation.