Seneca County Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory – No Unnecessary Travel


Seneca County Sheriff Timothy Luce has issued a No Unnecessary Travel Advisory. This travel advisory is issued as a result of the National Weather Service’s Winter Storm Warning for Seneca County.

This No Unnecessary Travel Advisory is in effect until further notice. This travel advisory does not restrict travel. It is, however, a warning to motorists that hazardous driving conditions may exist. This advisory will be canceled when the winter storm has moved out of the area and road conditions have improved.

Significant amounts of snow are still expected to fall throughout Seneca County overnight and tomorrow which will make travel dangerous. With the effect of the higher winds drifting on the North-South roads in the County have made travel dangerous. County Highway crews are working to clear roads. For the safety of all residents, the general public is encouraged to consider the need to be on the roads during these times. Please use extreme caution, lower your speeds while traveling in or around Seneca County.

This advisory is in cooperation and partnership with Seneca County’s Emergency Management Director Melissa Taylor and Highway Superintendent Roy Gates.