Monthly Snapshot for April 2020


LAW ENFORCEMENT: Total Calls For Service: 1393 Total Arrests: 10 D.H.S. Fraud Cases: 7; Yearly Total Cost Recouped: $66,881

NARCO: Total new drug cases: 3 Total arrests: 0

CORRECTIONS: Average Number of Inmates: 40 Monthly Total Made for Boarding In: $34,476.67; Yearly Total: $145,587.73

CIVIL: Total Summons/Complaints/Services: 15 Total Income Executions: 0 Total Evictions: 0

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH: April 4th, 2020: Deputies apprehended a suspect who fled a hit and run car accident in the Town of Romulus. The suspect was subsequently charged with D.W.I.

April 12th, 2020: Deputies and Investigators responded to a large explosion in the Town of Fayette. Three suspects were charged for causing the explosion that was heard for miles

April 24th, 2020: Deputies responded to a in progress Physical Domestic Violence Incident in the Town of Romulus. A 1 year old child was involved. The suspect was apprehended and no one was injured.

April 27th, 2020: The Sheriff’s Office opened the Pistol Permit Office for amendments by mail only.

April 29th, 2020: An investigation into vandalism at the South Seneca School in Ovid resulted in 3 persons being charged. It is alleged that the vandalism was hate motivated.

April 2020: Special training for all Sheriff’s essential personnel on responding to COVID-19 was implemented. A department pandemic policy was developed.

Sheriff W. Timothy Luce

Undersheriff John Cleere