Fugitive From Justice- Extradition

Seneca County Sheriff Tim Thompson reports, on May 31st, Investigators placed Ron E. Poore in custody at the Kennebec County Jail in the state of Maine. Poore was wanted by the Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear on multiple counts of Robbery. Additionally, Poore had a sealed indictment warrant for his arrest. Poore was extradited back to Seneca County where he was arraigned at Centralized Arraignment Part on June 1st. Poore was released on his own recognizance on the warrants for failure to appear, but ultimately held on the sealed indictment warrant. On June 5th, Poore was arraigned in Seneca County Superior Court. The indictment was unsealed, and Poore was arraigned on multiple counts of Robbery and Bail Jumping. Due to the Bail Jumping charge being a qualifying offense, Poore is being held at the Seneca County Jail on $10,000 bail or $20,000 bond. Poore is scheduled to appear in Seneca County Superior Court on August 7th at 11:00am.