Extreme Heat Warning

Sheriff Luce has received notice from Seneca County Emergency Management that we can expect excessive heat this weekend with temperatures possibly reaching 100-105 degrees.

The Sheriff urges all citizens to be wary of this weather and use appropriate measures to deal with the heat. It is important to make sure you take in enough fluids and make use of shade and air conditioned buildings. Citizens should be especially wary of heat stroke and heat exhausion when engaging in physical activities outdoors.

Citizens should pay special attention to seniors, children and pets. Any one who observes a person or pet having a heat related issue should immediately call 911. Sheriff Luce stated: “Heat related issues like heat stroke and heat exhaustion are real medical emergencies and can be life threatening.”

Detailed information on this situation and how to act are available on the Seneca County Office of Emergency Management website: https://www.co.seneca.ny.us/departments/safety-services/emergency-services/emergency-management/