Disorderly Conduct/ Assault

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office reports that on 01/01/2022 at around the time of 01:00 am Deputies responded to the 1133 RTE 414 in the Town of Tyre, for the report of an unruly citizen. After investigation deputies arrested Nathan K Isaacson, 31, of 1077 Anstee Rd Clyde NY. Isaacson was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment 2nd, resisting arrest, assault 3rd and two counts of criminal mischief 4th. The Sherriff’s Office reports that Nathan was harassing Del Lago employees near the bar area; furthermore, it’s reported Nathan pushed several drinks off the bar and when security became involved Nathan began fighting with security guards. Nathan is scheduled to appear in the Tyre Town Court on January 12th to answer for these charges.