Deputies Threatened at Domestic Violence Incident

On 07/10/2019, at about 7:00 PM Seneca County Deputies responded to a Domestic Violence Incident in progress at 4698 Route 96A, in the Town of Varick. A family member reported that another family member was acting violently and making threats. When Deputies arrived they observed that the mailbox and wooden post at the residence had been doused with gasoline and was on fire. A deputy put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. As officers approached the scene the suspect: Victor V Gregory, age 47, of that address threatened officers with a loaded and cocked crossbow. Deputies established a perimeter and attempted to negotiate with Gregory but to no avail. Gregory continued to threaten the Officers with the crossbow.

During the exchanges with Gregory an opportunity arose when Gregory momentarily set down the crossbow. A department k-9 was utilized but Gregory unexpectedly produced a large knife and threatened the k-9. Deputies then moved in quickly and deployed a taser. Gregory continued to fight violently even after being tased. Officers physically struggled with Gregory who continued to fight and resist arrest.

Deputies were eventually able to subdue Gregory into custody. Three Officers were injured during the incident with two being taken out of work. None of the injuries are serious.

Gregory is charged with:

4 counts of menacing a police officer.

2 counts of assault 2nd degree.

1 count of criminal possession of a weapon 4th degree.

1 count of Arson 5th degree.

Resisting arrest.

Gregory is being held at the Seneca County jail awaiting Centralized Arraignment Court.

Sheriff Luce commended the actions of the Officers involved. He stated: “The Officers showed considerable restraint and more than considerable courage taking this suspect into custody without harming him. Under the circumstances they would have been justified in using deadly force. I am very proud of them”.

NYS Police and NYS Park Police provided back up and assisted at the scene.