The Yellow Dot


The Yellow Dot program is a project designated to save lives.

The program consists of a recent photograph, information card, and a Yellow Dot sticker to be affixed to the back window of a vehicle or in the window closest to your home's front door to serve as a beacon for first responders.

The information card should be filled out IN PENCIL and should be updated as needed. After completing the information card, the Yellow Dot card should be placed in a visible location in the car's glove box compartment or taped in the refrigerator at one's home, along with a recent photograph. The Yellow Dot information card should remain in the glove compartment or inside the refrigerator at all times, except to be updated. The Yellow Dot sticker is affixed to the rear window on the driver's side or on the window closest to the home's entry door.

In the event of an emergency, first responders can identify the vehicle or home as that of a Yellow Dot participant and will know to look inside the glove compartment or refrigerator to find pertinent information.

** If you sell your vehicle or home, please remove the Yellow Dot sticker.**

If you complete these forms online - stickers are available at the Sheriff's Office

Sticker Placement: