FAQ – Pistol Permit Transactions

All Pistol Permit Amendments and New Applications are by appointment only. Please contact the Pistol Permit Clerk at 315-220-3430 with any questions.

Pistol Permit Transaction Forms

Below are the forms you will need for various firearms related transactions. You will need each form that are listed in the box below:

To OPT OUT of public disclosure of pistol permit information fill out the following form: 
• Instructions how to obtain/return form

To TRANSITION from the old paper style permit to a "new" plastic pistol permit card:

To apply for a New York State Gunsmith's or Dealer's License:

Call our Pistol Permit Unit at (315) 220-3220 for information

To add a weapon to your permit:

To dispose of a weapon on your permit:

If you change your name:

If you move:

If a weapon on your permit is lost or stolen:
Immediately report to local law enforcement agency

If a family member with a pistol permit dies: 
Copy of death certificate required

To obtain a duplicate pistol license:

If you wish to co-register a weapon with another family member:

If you move out of Seneca County you must transfer your permit to new County:

If you wish to Apply for an Unrestricted Pistol Permit: