Criminal Investigations

Accredited Division


6150 State Route 96
Romulus, New York 14541
Office: (315) 220-3240
Fax: (315) 220-3477

Criminal Investigation Division
Lieutenant Michael Strohm

THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION (C.I.D.) MAKES UP the investigative and special services of the Sheriff’s Office and consists of the Family Services Unit, Major Crimes Unit, and Narcotics Unit. Members of C.I.D. are all experienced and highly trained police officers.

C.I.D. Directory

Lt. Micheal Strohm (315) 220-3448
Inv. Christopher Felice (315) 220-3445
Inv. James Altemari  (315) 220-3443
Inv. James Palmer (315) 220-3444
Inv. Jason Ward (315) 220-3449

The Family Services Unit is tasked with investigating cases involving juveniles, family issues, crimes against children, crimes against elderly, and many other related issues. Investigators with the Family Services Unit work closely with Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, School Resource Officers, Victim Advocates, and many other disciplines in an effort to solve cases and bring them to a successful conclusion. Family Services Unit members also routinely work as mentors in the community and attend numerous community policing events throughout the County. Regularly, Family Services Unit Investigators teach many classes to both elderly and youth related to crime prevention, drug use prevention, and safety. In addition, Family Services Unit Investigators oversee the Project Lifesaver program and the Operation Safe Child program.

The Major Crimes Unit is tasked with investigating felony-level crimes consisting of arsons, assaults, frauds, homicides, larcenies, robberies, and other felony-level crimes. During large scale criminal investigations, the Major Crimes Unit often works in collaboration with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in an effort to pool resources and more effectively solve crimes.

The Narcotics Unit is tasked with investigating crimes consisting of the manufacturing, possession, and sale of illicit drugs within Seneca County. The Narcotics Unit routinely works with members of local, state, and federal police agencies as drug crimes often cross geographical boundaries.


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