Christmas Angel Visits the Sheriff’s Office

Tuesday December 22, 2020 started as any other day at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. We were dealing with COVID19, police reform and many other mundane duties of the day. It was getting near the end of the day when the records clerk from the front office of the Sheriff’s office came to me and said there is a man in the front lobby who wants the Deputies to hand out some cards. Not knowing what kind of cards, I told her to get the Road Lieutenant to speak to him. Of course being the end of the day, he had already left for the day.  So I told the clerk I would go and speak to the man.

The man was just an average looking man, soft spoken, a mild mannered subject. He went on to ask me if I knew any families in need. I advised him the Sheriff’s Office helped Glove house in getting Christmas gifts for 20 some families in need to get gifts for their children. The Sheriff’s Office also does what we call shop with a Sheriff which helps about 15 or so families in providing presents to their children.  The man stated that’s great here is some cards I would like you to hand out also. The man handed me two envelopes with $5000 in $100 food cards. I told the man that was awesome, pulled out my pen and asked his name. The man said: “ oh no you don’t need to know my name; I just want you to help needy families”. He then turned and left. That’s when I knew a Christmas angel came to the Sheriff’s Office. 

The next day Wednesday December 23, 2020  the Undersheriff and I went to Glove house where the Chief Deputy dressed as Santa and a couple of employees from the Correctional Facility dressed as elfs. They handed out presents to the children and the Undersheriff and I gave each family a gift card. We also gave another group of Sheriff Employees cards to be handed out to the children’s families who were receive gifts from shop with a Sheriff. At the end of the day the Undersheriff and I had some left over cards so we went to a few locations in the County and handed out the rest of the cards to people we felt could use the cards.

Today Thursday December 24, 2020 early in the morning in my office while no one was around I was contemplating the year 2020 and how miserable the year had really been especially dealing with COVID and how many people were sick and how many had lost family members. That’s when I realized a Christmas Angel came to the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office  on December 22, 2020 and I realized the Christmas spirit is alive and well even in these trying time we live in. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

God Bless

Sheriff Luce