Structure Fire- 20SH02242

Seneca Co. Sheriff W. Timothy Luce reports that on 3/10/2020 at about 6:08am the Seneca Co. Sheriff’s Office responded to 3123 Clyde River Dr. in the Town of Tyre for a reported structure fire. Upon Deputies arrival the structures northernmost end was on fire and the structure was evacuated. The owner, Kathleen Weir of Stroudsburg P.A. was the only occupant at the time of the fire. Weir was transported by Fingerlakes ambulance to Auburn Memorial Hospital for smoke inhalation. Weir was treated and released. Responding to the scene was Magee VFD, assisting was Junius, Canoga, Waterloo, Clyde, Oaks Corners, Fingerlakes Ambulance, North Seneca Ambulance as well as the Seneca County Coordinators and the Seneca Co. Fire investigation Team. The NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control- State Fire was called in to assist the fire investigation team at the scene. The cause of the fire in under investigation.

19SH09298- Fugitive from Justice

The Seneca Co Sheriff’s Office reports that on 9/24/19 at approximately 2:30pm The Road Patrol and Investigators arrested Jeremiah R. Keppel, 35, formerly of Willard DTC, as a Fugitive from Justice who was being released from Willard DTC. Keppel was wanted for felony parole violations in Iowa related to escape and methamphetamine charges. Keppel was picked up at the Drug Treatment Center and taken to the LEC where he was arraigned in CAP Court. Keppel was remanded without bail and will be picked up later in the week by the U.S. Marshal’s Office. Keppel has signed his waiver of extradition and will be returned to Iowa.

Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument

The Seneca County Sheriff W. Timothy Luce reports that on 7/11/19 Investigators arrested Talon K. Robb, 29, of 119 Garden St in Geneva NY for one count of Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the 1st degree(Class E Felony) and one count of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd degree( class D felony).
Investigators report that on 5/23/19 the Seneca Co. Codes Department received an electrical inspection for a job that the department never issued a permit for. The Codes department reported this to the Seneca Co. Sheriff’s Office and it resulted in an investigation that revealed that a permit that was forged was presented to the homeowner by the owner of the business responsible for obtaining the permit. This resulted in Robb, the owner of TKR Renewable Resources, being charged with Offering a False Instrument for Filing and Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd. Robb was arrested in Canandaigua and returned to the Seneca Co. Correctional Facility to await arraignment in CAP Court on 7/11/19.

Criminal Poss. Of a Forged Instrument 1st

Seneca Co. Sheriff Tim Luce reports that on 6/5/19 at about 5:45pm the Road Patrol and Investigators arrested Steven E. Wilcox, 22, of 119 1/2 Madison St. Newark N.Y on an arrest warrant for Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 1st degree a class C Felony.
Investigators report that on 5/29/19 Wilcox was detained in the Seneca Co. Correctional facility on $200 cash bail from an arrest that he was arraigned in CAP court for earlier that morning. Investigators allege that Wilcox presented a “replica” $100 bill and a legitimate $100 dollars in US currency for his bail. Wilcox was released from the correctional facility that day. On 5/30/19 when processing the bail money it was discovered that the $100 bill Wilcox used was a replica which resulted in the investigation.
On 6/5/19 Investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Wilcox. With the assistance of the NYS Police in Lyons, Wilcox was arrested in Lyons and turned over to the Seneca CO. Road Patrol. Wilcox was transported to the Seneca Co. Correctional Facility and arraigned in CAP Court. Wilcox was held on $1500 cash bail or $3000 bond and will appear on 6/10/19 at 10:00 am in the Town of Romulus Court for further action.

Grand Larceny 3rd Arrest

Seneca County Sheriff W. Timothy Luce reports that Investigators arrested Kody J. Russell, 20, of 222 West Main St Waterloo N.Y. 13165 on 5/10/19 at about 2:30 pm. Russell was charged with one count of Grand Larceny in the 3rd degree a class D Felony.
On 3/27/19 Deputies responded to a Town of Waterloo residence for the report of approximately $21,000 in U.S. currency that was missing from a safe inside a residence. It is reported by Investigators that Russell allegedly stole the missing $21,000 in cash between November 2018 and December 2108. Russell was taken to the Seneca Co. Correctional Facility to wait for arraignment in CAP court for further action.

Sex Abuse Arrest

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office reports that on 2/13/19 at about 6pm, the Criminal Investigations Division arrested Scott P. Davis, age 29, of 1390 Middle Blackbrook Rd., Seneca Falls N.Y., following an extensive and lengthy investigation spanning 6 months into alleged sexual abuse. Investigators say that that the arrest of Davis is the second in a matter of months.

As previously reported, Davis was arrested on 12/19/18 for charges of Rape in the 2nd degree, Criminal Sexual Act in the 2nd degree, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. The Rape in the 2nd degree and Criminal Sexual Act in the 2nd degree charges are from a second victim who was 13 years old at the time. These crimes occurred between 2010 and 2012.

Investigators report that the newest round of charges against Davis are Predatory Sexual Assault of a Child (class A-II felony), 2 counts each of Criminal Sex Act in the 1st degree (class B felony), Rape in the 1st degree (class B felony), and Sexual Abuse in the 1st degree (class D Felony). These charges allege that Davis subjected a child under the age of eleven to sexual contact on multiple occasions in the Town of Tyre. The charges are alleged to have occurred in late 2017 into early 2018.

Throughout the course of the investigation, Investigators followed up on numerous leads, interviewed several witnesses and potential victims in the Seneca County area which resulted in identifying an additional victim that resulted with the crimes charged on 12/19/18. Investigators were assisted by the Wayne Co. Sheriff’s Office and the Seneca Falls Police Dept.
Davis was arraigned in the Seneca County Centralized Arraignment Court on 2/13/19 at 7pm. Davis was held without bail due to the severity of the charges.  Davis is to reappear in the Seneca County Court at a later date.

Investigators believe that there may be additional victims and ask anyone who has information related to the investigation into Davis to call Inv. John Nesbit at 315-220-3442.

Grand Larceny/Offering False Instrument for Filing 1st

The Seneca Co. Sheriff’s Office reports that Investigators arrested RaShawn D. Hightower,31, formerly of 341 W. Kennedy St in Syracuse on the charges of Grand Larceny 3rd degree (class D Felony) and 5 counts of Offering a False Instrument for Filing 1st degree (class E felony). It is alleged that while Hightower was employed at the Waterloo Premium Outlet Mall that Hightower made 5 false transactions on a company computer and passed merchandise past the point of sale on numerous occasions between 11/15/17 and 11/30/17. The estimated loss is valued in excess of $3400.
Investigators learned in the course of the investigation that Hightower relocated to Brooklyn N.Y. in early 2018 and obtained an arrest warrant for Hightower. On 1/21/2018 Hightower was arrested on unrelated charges in Brooklyn N.Y. and after appearing in court there, Hightower was extradited from Brooklyn N.Y. by the Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol division and returned to the Seneca Co. Jail to be arraigned in the CAP Court.
Hightower was arraigned in Cap Court in front of Justice Duffy on 1/24/19 and released on $500 cash bail and a date to appear in Junius Town Court was set.

Assault 2nd Arrest

The Seneca Co. Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of Elliot Flores, 26, currently incarcerated in the Seneca Co Correctional Facility. Investigators arrested Flores on 1/8/19 at about 4pm on one count of assault in the 2nd degree (Class D Felony). Its reported that on 12/12/18 at about 6:30pm, Flores assaulted a Seneca County Corrections Officer while incarcerated in the facility on unrelated charges. Investigators say that the Corrections Officer was assaulted by Flores while delivering toilet paper to Flores’s cell. When the Corrections Officer opened the cell door he was ambushed by Flores. The Corrections Officer sustained a bloody lip, a laceration to the eye as well as other cuts and abrasion’s. The Corrections Officer was transported to Geneva General Hospital for treatment and has since returned to work. Flores was arraigned in the CAP Court.

Criminal Contempt Arrest

The Seneca Co Sheriff’s Office reports that on 1/4/19 at about 4pm Investigators arrested Edward W. Robinson,28, an inmate at the Seneca Co. Correctional Facility in Romulus for 4 counts of Criminal Contempt 1st degree(class E Felony), 55 counts of Aggravated Family Offense(class E Felony) and 55 counts of Aggravated Harassment in the 2nd Degree(class A Misdemeanor). Investigators report that between the dates of 12/15/18 and 12/18/18 while Robinson was incarcerated in the Seneca Co. Jail, Robinson made 55 phone calls to a female victim who had a class A order of protection against Robinson. Robinson who is currently held in the Seneca Co. Jail on an unrelated matter will be arraigned in CAP Court on 1/4/19 at 7pm.

Criminal Mischief 2nd arrest

The Seneca Co Sheriff’s Office reports that on 1/4/19 at about 3pm Investigators arrested Christopher J. Freeman,31, of 1884 St Rt. 318 for Criminal Mischief 2nd degree(class D Felony), Burglary 3rd degree(class D Felony) and 5 counts of Menacing in the 3rd degree(class A Misdemeanor). Investigators report that at about 4am on 11/25/18 while at Del Lago Resort and Hotel in Tyre, the elevator became stuck and then Freeman and his brother Terrance J. Freeman damaged an elevator and the damage was in excess of $51,000. Terrance J. Freeman was arrested on 11/25/18. Its also reported that Christopher J. Freemen was banned from the property in May of 2018 for an unrelated incident. This resulted in the Burglary charge. During the incident Christopher J. Freemen made threatening statements to 5 security officers of Del Lago leading to the Menacing 3rd in the degree charges. Christopher J. Freeman was held at the Seneca Co. Correctional Facility awaiting arraignment in CAP Court.