Wanted By the Seneca County Sheriffs Office [PDF]

SCSO Programs
Accreditation ProgramAccreditation
Information regarding the accreditations held by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.
A program sponsored and delivered by the Sheriff's Office to alcohol servers in the bar and restaurant industry.
Seniors And Lawmen Together (SALT) a partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and Senior Citizen groups.
D.A.R.E. Kids ProgramD.A.R.E.
Information about Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programs delivered by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office
McGruff the Crime DogMcGruff
A program delivered to school age children by the Sheriff’s Office.
Child Safety SeatsChild Safety Seats
A public service program delivered by our Office to ensure child safety seats are installed properly in vehicles.
Operation: Safe ChildOperation: Safe Child
A State-wide public service program delivered by the Sheriff’s Office to protect children.
Boater SafetyBoater Safety
A public service program delivered by the Sheriff’s Office annually to teach safe boating.
Yellow DotThe Yellow Dot
The program is designed to help crash victims, especially seniors, communicate medical needs to rescuers.
A free service available 24/7 to crime victims who have been granted a Family Court Order of Protection in New York State.
SAVIN-NYProject Lifesaver
A service to apply tracking technology for the search and rescue of individuals with cognitive disorders.
A program where you can register your mobile phones to receive emergency alerts from Seneca County 911 Center.