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Press Release - Scam Alert



Sheriff Luce is alerting people about recent scams. Holiday season is also scam season. Scammers will call, email or mail communications that are false in order to steal from the recipients. They often pose as sweepstakes officials, police, IRS agents and even representatives of utility companies like cable, internet and power. Recently a call was received in Waterloo from a scammer posing as a cable T.V. and internet providor. The callers ultimately try to obtain personal information such as dates of birth, social security numbers, account numbers, etc. They may also try and get you to send money and offer “to good to be true” deals. The sheriff warns all citizens to be wary of these scams and to report any suspicious calls to law enforcement as soon as possible. Scammers can be very persistent; if you give them even partial information it can trigger more calls.


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