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Press Release - Sheriffs Week



Governor Cuomo Signs Proclamation designating September 18th – 24th , 2016 Sheriffs Week



The Office of Sheriff has been an integral part of the criminal justice system in New York State and in Seneca County throughout our history, having been established in the State’s first constitution in 1777 and having been continued in every succeeding constitution, and having been one of the original constitutional offices of our County;


Despite changes in its function, status and powers during its long history, the Office of Sheriff has maintained a continuous existence, preserved its distinguishing heritage, and continued to be an essential component of our criminal justice community;


The Office of Sheriff has evolved into a modern, professional, full service law enforcement agency, manned by fully trained police officers, using state of the art technology and applying the latest and most advanced theories and practices in the criminal justice field;


The Office of Sheriff is unique in the community, and the duties of the Office go far beyond the traditional role of “Keeper of the Peace,” and extend into many facets of public service, including maintaining the county jail, providing security in our courts, and serving and executing civil process for our courts;


As a constitutionally empowered entity directly responsible and accountable to the public it services;


It is fitting to celebrate the historical contributions of the Office of Sheriff and the significant role that the Sheriffs play in our modern criminal justice system;

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