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Press Release - Seneca County Sheriff starts Family Services Unit



06/01/2016: Sheriff Tim Luce announced the implementation of a Family Services Unit at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. The Unit was created to support and assist families involved with domestic violence, missing persons and abused or neglected persons. Two Investigators within the Criminal Investigation Division are assigned to the Unit; they have received and will continue to receive specialized training. The Family Services Unit will be responsible for conducting investigations involving child abuse, abuse of vulnerable adults and domestic violence victims.  The Unit will review all incidents of domestic violence to detect patterns, issues and make appropriate follow ups and referrals.  The Unit will also oversee incidents of Juvenile Crime and participate in Juvenile Crime Prevention programs.  The Investigators assigned will work closely with Probation, School Resource Officers and youth services agencies.   Sheriff Luce stated that Unit was created by redeploying existing manpower and workload resulting in no additional cost to the taxpayers. Officers assigned to the Unit are Investigator Melinda Marquart and Investigator Chris Felice.

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