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Sheriff Announces Participation in
Sheriff's Summer Camp Program
Sheriff Stenberg and Undersheriff Sullivan visit with Seneca County children during their stay at camp.
Sheriff Stenberg and Undersheriff Sullivan visit with Seneca County children during their stay at camp.

Seneca County Sheriff Jack Stenberg announced today that 15 children from Seneca County attended the New York State Sheriffs' Association Institute's 2012 Summer Camp. The Sheriff's Summer Camp is designed to provide a solid recreational program combined with the development of a sense of good citizenship. This will mark the 36th year of the camp's operation.

The Sheriffs' Summer Camp, which is located near Penn Yan in Yates County, is sponsored by the Sheriff's Association Honorary Members through their contributions and annual dues. This year the camp will accommodate over 900 deserving boys and girls from across New York State.

Sheriff Stenberg, in discussing the objectives and goals of the camp said, "The Sheriff's Summer Camp is designed to provide a child who ordinarily would not have the chance, an opportunity to go away during the summer." Sheriff Stenberg pointed out that, "The primary objective is to create a positive interaction between the kids attending camp and the Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs who participate in the camp programs. We have found from experience during the first 34 summer camps that the kids develop a renewed respect and understanding for the men and women who enforce our laws. The deputies become their friends and in some ways substitute parents for a week," said a proud Sheriff Stenberg.

Throughout the week-long stay, the children observe special exhibits and demonstrations presented by Sheriff's Offices from across the State. Included in these presentations are D.A.R.E. presentations, boat and safety programs, law enforcement equipment and technical demonstration, archery competitions for accuracy and even a talent show just for fun.

Upon completion of the kids stay, all children will be awarded a diploma for their participation in a program of "Good Citizenship and Law Enforcement Studies."

In the Line of Duty ...
Permanent Memorial Honoring John Walters

On October 10, 2009, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office dedicated a permanent memorial honoring the ultimate sacrifice by Seneca County Corrections John Walters, who in 1887 was killed in the line of duty during an escape attempt at the Old Seneca County Jail in Waterloo, New York. 

Mr. Walters sacrifice and the events leading up to his murder is chronicled in the accompanying article by Mr. Walter Gable, Seneca County Historian.

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office honored Mr. Walters service to Seneca County by not only establishing a permanent memorial at the Seneca County Law Enforcement Center, but by Officially designating the Training Room at the Center the “John Walters Memorial Training Room.”  This training room is utilized by not only members of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, but by law enforcement officers and public from throughout the area.  Mr. Walters sacrifice is described in a permanent collage hung in the John Walters Training Room for all to see.

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office extend our sincere gratitude to the Fratto Family (Geneva Granite) of Geneva, New York who donated the permanent granite memorial honoring Mr. Walter.

Awards Ceremony 2014

On May 14, 2014, during National Police Week, the Seneca County Sheriff's Office held their fourth annual awards ceremony.  In addition to Sheriff Stenberg and Undersheriff Sullivan, District Attorney Barry Porsche and new County Manager James Smith joined to honor and recognize members of the Sheriff's Office who performed outstanding service during the past year.

Deputy Melinda Marquart - On February 6th, 2014, you responded to a medical call of abdominal pain at a Town of Romulus residence.  You arrived on the scene several minutes before E.M.S. and discovered a young woman in the final stages of labor. With skill, compassion and professionalism you began the delivery process and kept the patient calm. When E.M.S. arrived you continued to assist with the delivery of a healthy baby boy who was born on the scene. For this extraordinarily credible and unusual police accomplishment you are hereby awarded the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD.  

Investigator Timothy Thompson & Deputy Michael Strohm - Upon your assignment to the Seneca County Sheriff's Office Narcotics unit you were tasked with investigating drug use, trafficking and drug related crimes. During the years of 2012 and 2013 the unit investigated 263 drug cases, arrested 220 persons and executed 28 Search Warrants. Several methamphetamine labs were identified and dealt with. Numerous cases involving heroin, cocaine and prescription narcotics were skillfully investigated and resolved. Seneca County has become a safer place due to your efforts. For your superior efforts, initiative, motivation and sustained excellence you are hereby awarded the MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD. 

Correction Officers Howard Gable and Brian Tomkins - On February 15th 2013 you were assigned to a Housing Unit in the Seneca County Correctional Facility. During your tour of duty an inmate tried to commit suicide by hanging. Your quick actions to rescue this inmate while maintain control of the housing unit is a credit to the Sheriff's Office and to the profession of Corrections Officer. Because of your intervention this inmate's life was sustained so that he could be successfully treated by medical personnel. For your efforts in this incident you are hereby awarded the LIFE SAVING AWARD. 


Criminal Investigation Division - On November 20th, 2008, 23 year old Levi Karlsen lost his life when he was crushed under a truck he was working on. The death was originally thought to be a tragic accident. In March of 2012 the case was re-opened and investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division. The investigation stretched from California to New York. A pattern of tragedy emerged linking Levi's father--Karl Karlsen, to numerous suspicious fires, insurance money and the death of his first wife. During an interview Karl Karlsen finally admitted to causing the death of Levi and leaving him to die on the floor. He was charged and convicted of Murder in the 2nd degree. For their outstanding efforts in bringing a dangerous killer to justice this UNIT CITATION is hereby awarded to: Lt. John Cleere, Inv. Jason Deal, Inv. Joe Stevens, Inv. Kipp Goodman, Inv. Chris Felice, Inv. Timothy Thompson and D.S. Michael Strohm. 

Criminal Investigation Division - On June 23, 2013, William Kenny was shot to death, in his bed, as he slept in his Waterloo home. Residents in our community were shocked at this callous and violent crime. An intense investigation was commenced by the Criminal Investigation Division. The crime scene was expertly secured and processed. Through ceaseless effort and innovative undercover operations viable leads were generated. On August 20, 2013, a suspect--Ralph Garafalo, was identified and arrested for Murder in the 2nd degree. For their swift and tenacious efforts in relentlessly pursuing this investigation this UNIT CITATION is hereby awarded to: Lt. John Cleere, Inv. Jason Deal, Inv. Joe Stevens, Inv. Kipp Goodman, Inv. Chris Felice, Inv. Timothy Thompson and D.S. Michael Strohm. 

Correction Officer Kevin Besley
Correction Officer Brian Chambers
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Deputy Sheriff Jason Lanphear
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