Wanted By the Seneca County Sheriffs Office [PDF]

SCSO Records Division Pistol Permit
After receiving a new pistol license application, this unit processes the application as follows:
  • Review all pistol license applications to insure compliance with state law
  • Obtain fingerprints and photographs of applicant (along with pistol license application and fee)
  • Submit fingerprint cards to D.C.J.S. and the F.B.I. for criminal history background checks
  • Conduct New York State Office of Mental Health background check
  • Conduct background investigation
  • Submit completed application to Seneca County Court Judge for final approval
  • Upon approval, process and issue pistol license to applicant as well as distribute application to appropriate agencies

Other duties include processing license holders' amendments, acquisitions, disposals, address changes, duplicates and transfers, maintain pistol license files, process pistol license suspensions and revocations, conduct criminal investigation of pistol licensees when warranted, and conduct deceased pistol licensee investigations.

Application and Fees*:

Pistol License Application Process:

You may obtain new pistol license application at the Seneca County Sheriff's Office located at 6150 State Route 96, Romulus, New York 14541, OR by download and printing the forms in the box at the right.

You must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a New York State/Seneca County resident.
  • Must be 21 years old or older.
  • Must submit four character references using the Character Reference form; dated within six months of your submitted application. Forms with notarization dates older than six months will be rejected.

When all application paperwork has been completed, bring the paperwork to the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, Records Division, 6150 State Route 96, Romulus, New York 14541 to review and process your application. Once your completed application has been reviewed and has been approved, your fingerprints and photograph will be taken.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • The completed forms
    • Checklist New Applicants
    • Four Character References
    • Character Reference Mailing List
    • Co Registration Pistol (if desired)
    • Departmental Affirmation
    • Pistol License Applicant Questionnaire
    • PPB-3 NYS Pistol Revolver License Application
      (complete and submit two original applications; no photo copies)
  • $94.25 – Postal Money Order, or Certified Cashier Check, made payable to Seneca County Sheriff’s Office
  • $10.00 cash or money order made payable to Seneca County Sheriffs Office for application processing
  • Photo ID required

Note: Paperwork must be completed in black ink or typed

Pistol License Fees:

New Application S.C.S.O. Processing $ 10.00
New Application N.Y.S.D.C.J.S. / F.B.I. Processing of fingerprints $ 94.25
Amendments $ 3.00
Duplicate Pistol License (must appear in person) $ 5.00
Transfer Into/Out of Seneca County $ 5.00
Dealer License $ 94.25
Gunsmith License $ 94.25
Dealer/Gunsmith License $ 94.25
S.C.S.O. Processing Fee (Dealer/Gunsmith License) $10.00
Transition from paper permit to plastic card permit $5.00

Pistol License Holder's Information

Rules & Regulations for Seneca County Pistol License Holders:

  • Any New York State Pistol License issued in Seneca County is valid until revoked or suspended.
  • Handguns registered on the New York State Pistol License can only be carried within the restriction of the license: carry concealed, carry for employment, or sportsman.
  • A handgun cannot be carried where state law prohibits it. (ex. City/State/County office buildings, schools and universities, any private establishment with a sign posted prohibiting guns, as well as Federal and State land except where hunting is permitted.)
  • Pistol License holders must report the following within ten (10) days: (Failure to do so is a Class A Misdemeanor per Penal Law 400.00.)
    • change of name or address
    • sale of weapon
    • theft or loss of weapon  (must also be reported to a local police agency)
    • destruction of weapon
  • All pistol license transactions must be completed in the Records Division at the Seneca County Law Enforcement Center between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. New applications are between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


If there is an amendment to the pistol license (a weapon is being added- $3.00 fee), you must do the following:

  • The pistol license holder must appear in person with their pistol license.
  • A bill of sale must be supplied as follows:
    • If the weapon was bought from an individual, you must bring in a notarized bill of sale including name and address of the individual from whom the weapon was purchased and proof of a trigger lock along with a NICS check.
    • If the weapon was purchased from a licensed gun dealer, you must bring in the sales receipt for the weapon, along with a sales receipt for the trigger lock when a new weapon has been purchased.
    • If the weapon was traded or given as a gift, you must bring in the sales receipt for the weapon, along with a sales receipt for the trigger lock when a new weapon has been purchased
    • Amendment forms are at right

NOTICE: A weapon will not be added onto the pistol license unless you have the necessary paperwork. There are NO exceptions to the rule.

Procedure for Proper Disposal of Handguns Belonging to Deceased NEW YORK State Pistol License Holder:

In accordance with Sections 400.05 and 265.20 of the New York State Penal Law, Executors, Administrators, or any other person(s) who have lawful possession of property, specifically handgun(s) that belonged to a New York State Pistol License holder who has died, must dispose of the handgun(s) within fifteen (15) days of the death of the pistol license holder.

The handgun(s) can be disposed of to a licensed firearms dealer or to another pistol license holder. Because there are specific procedures that must be followed in these types of disposal, please contact the Pistol License Unit at (315) 220-3220, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

If the handgun(s) are not disposed of within the fifteen day period, the handgun(s) must be turned into a law enforcement agency, who will hold the handgun(s) for safekeeping until proper disposal can be arranged or authorization is given for destruction. The handgun(s) can only be held for a period of one year, at which time they are declared a nuisance and destroyed in accordance with New York State Penal Law.

NYS Firearms License Request
for Public Records Exemption

If you do not have access to the internet or a printer, a hard copy of the form may be obtained from the following locations:

  • Seneca County Sheriff's Office – Records Division, 6150 State Route 96, Romulus, New York 14541 (Monday through Friday, except Legal Holidays between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM
  • Office of Seneca County Clerk – Seneca County Office Building, 1 DiPronio Drive, Waterloo, New York 13165 (Monday through Friday, except Legal Holidays between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM)
  • New York State Police, Waterloo Barracks, 8153 Waterloo-Geneva Road, (Route 5&20), Waterloo, New York 13165

Completed forms must be returned with an original inked signature to the
Seneca County Sheriff's Office by one of the following methods:

  • By United States Mail to the following address:
    Seneca County Sheriff's Office
    Attention: Records Division
    6150 State Route 96
    Romulus, New York 14541
  • By drop off to the Seneca County Sheriff's Office – Records Division (Monday – Friday, except Legal Holidays, between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
  • By drop off to the Seneca County Sheriff's Office, County Office Building Security Desk, located at the Seneca County Office Building, 1 DiPronio Drive, Waterloo, New York 13165 (Monday through Friday, except Legal Holidays, between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

* fees are subject to change.

** NOTE **

The New York State Police Pistol Permit Bureau will only accept PPB-3 applications printed on two sides. The Bureau will no longer accept two separate pages. When printing applications from websites be mindful to choose two sided printing.
FAQ - Pistol Permit Transactions:

Below are the forms you will need for various firearms related transactions. You will need each form in the box below.

To apply for a
New York State Pistol Permit:

To OPT OUT of public disclosure of pistol permit information fill out the following form:
Instructions how to obtain/return form

To TRANSITION from the
old paper style permit to a
"new" plastic pistol permit card

To apply for a New York State
Gunsmith's or Dealer’s License

Call our Pistol Permit Unit
at 315-220-3220 for information

To add a weapon to your permit

To dispose of a weapon on your permit

If you change your name

If you move

If a weapon on your permit is lost or stolen
Immediately report to local law enforcement agency

If a family member with a pistol permit dies
Copy of death certificate required

To obtain a duplicate pistol license

If you wish to co-register a weapon with another family member

If you move out of Seneca County – you must transfer your permit to new County