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SCSO Corrections: Inmate Garden Project
Inmate Garden Project
Inmate Garden Project

An inmate garden project was initiated in 2012. Raised planting beds were built within the secure outdoor confines of the correctional facility which are tended to daily by sentenced inmates. The inmates filled the beds with dirt, planted the vegetables and tend to various daily tasks, such as weeding, watering and harvesting the vegetables grown in the garden. The inmate garden is yet another program offered to sentenced inmates by the Seneca County Sheriff's Correctional Facility. Inmate grown vegetables are used daily in the correctional facility kitchen as a way to provide inmates with freshly grown produce, while at the same time enabling them to do something positive while incarcerated. Equally important is the fact that by producing the vegetables on site, we help to defray the cost of purchasing produce from a food supplier. One of the side benefits to this project is the fact that any excess produce grown in the inmate garden, has been donated to local food pantries.

In 2012, over 60 pounds of produce has been donated to the South Seneca Food Pantry.