Sex Offender Arrest

The Seneca Co. Sheriff’s Office reports that Investigators arrested Carl T. Arden, 48, of 2110 Orchard St., Lodi, N.Y. on 11/20/18 at 4:45 pm for a violation of the NYS Corrections Law regulating Sexual Offenders. Investigators report that Arden was mandated by law to update his photograph every 3 years as Arden is a designated level 1 sex offender. Arden failed to provide his photo to Invstigators and was subsequently arrested after an arrest warrant was issued out of the Lodi Town Court by Justice VanCleef. Arden was held at the LEC to be arraigned in the CAP Court. Arden was released on his own recognizance and will appear on 11/30/18 in the Town of Romulus Court at 4pm for further action.

Grand Larceny/Forgery Arrest

Seneca Co. Sheriff Tim Luce reports that Deputies and Investigators arrested the following people:
Laurie M. Foulkrod,45, Christopher T. Brinson, 32, both of 1263 Gassner Rd., Waterloo and Austin T. Wheeler, 21, of 712 S. Main St. Newark New York.
Investigators charged Wheeler with one count each of Conspiracy 4th(E Felony), Grand Larceny 3rd(D Felony), Forgery 2nd(D Felony), Forgery 1st(C Felony), Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd(D Felony), Possession of a Forged Instrument 1st (C Felony) and Identity Theft 1st(D Felony).
Foulkrod was charged with one count each of Grand Larceny 3rd(D Felony) and Conspiracy 4th(E Felony).
Brinson was charged with one count each of Grand Larceny 3rd(D Felony), Conspiracy 4th(E Felony) and Criminal Facilitation 4th(A misdemeanor).
It is alleged that on 8/23/18 while Wheeler, Foulkrod and Brinson were residing at 1263 Gassner Rd. in the Town of Waterloo, they conspired to sell a 2003 Cadillac Escalade that did not belong to them. During the course of the sale, Wheeler forged several documents as someone other that himself as he was claiming to be one of the titled owners of the vehicle. Brinson posted the ad on Facebook Marketplace leading to the Criminal Facilitation charge. The vehicle was sold for $4000. The vehicle was reported stolen and later recovered by investigators on 9/10/18.
All three were arraigned on 9/20/18 in the Central Arraignment Court at the Law Enforcement Center in front of Justice Struzyk. Foulkrod was released on her own recognizance while Wheeler and Brinson were held without bail due to prior felony convictions. They will appear in the Town of Waterloo Court for a felony hearing in the near future.

Falsely Reporting an Incident

On 8/10/18 at approximately 4pm, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Town of Tyre business for the reported bomb threat. Deputies quickly identified the subject in question and detained him pending an investigation.
Upon the conclusion of the investigation, Deputies and Investigators arrested Ronald W. Sibs, 53, of 51 Sheppard St., Rochester, New York, for Disorderly Conduct (Violation) and Falsely Reporting an Incident 2nd degree (Class E Felony). The charges stem from Sibs using obscene language and threatening to detonate a bomb all while on the phone outside of the business.  This was overheard by a witness who called 911 initiating a police, fire and EMS response. It was determined that this bomb threat was false and there was no threat to the public.
Sibs was held at the Seneca County Law Enforcement Center pending Centralized Arraignment Court on 8/11/18 at 8am. Sibs was arraigned at 8am in front of Justice Folk in the presence of the Seneca County District Attorneys Office and the Seneca County Public Defenders Office. Sibs was held without bail pending due to prior felony convictions. A felony hearing was scheduled for 8/15/18 at 6pm.